Kensun AC/DC Tire Inflator Review

Kensun AC/DC Tire Inflator Review

Kensun is a trusted name in the automobile accessory industry. Their high performance air compressor contains many features to enhance its flexibility that is hard to find elsewhere.

The Kensun tire inflator is a handy tool to carry around in the boot of your car or to have stored away in the garage.

Kensun AC/DC Tire Inflator In Car

Whether your car tires get flat or the pressure is low, just whip out the Kensun tire inflator and you can be back on the streets within minutes, all without having to pay a stop at the service station.

What We Like

Let's see what we liked on this product:


A great feature of the Kensun tire inflator is its portability. Weighing only 5 pounds, this lightweight tire inflator is easy to carry around and has a comfortable handle which you can grip.

It even comes with a carry case for easy storage.


Many positive reviews agree that the best feature of the Kensun tire inflator is its amazing flexibility.

It comes with two plugs; an AC plug for use at home and also a DC plug so you can plug your tire inflator into the car?s 12V outlet. You can essentially use the tire inflator anywhere!

Special attachment nozzles allow you to use the air compressing for inflating objects such as tires, basketballs, rafts, mattresses and even delicate beach volleyballs.

Good Pressure For Size

At a maximum pressure of 90 psi, this is a decent amount of pressure in such a compact piece of machinery, considering that car tires require about 32 psi.

However, the maximum pressure may be pushing it when it comes to road bikes, which require a tire pressure of between 80 psi and 120 psi.

Kensun AC/DC Tire Inflator Functions

With a continuous working time of 30 minutes at 35 psi, you can easily pump up all 4 wheels of your car before your air compressor needs a break.

Work Light

Reviewers are impressed with the powerful white LED work light on the front of the Kensun tire inflator. It can be used as a good torch and allows you to work comfortably in the dark on the roadside in the event of an emergency.

Easy To Read Gauge

Analog gauges can be difficult to read, especially if the scale is too small to see all the divisions. With a digital pressure gauge, there is no mistake what pressure your tires are at so you know exactly when to stop the air compressor.

The LCD display even has a unit conversion to simplify matters even further.

Preset Pressure Gauge

The analog gauge is easy to read so you know when to turn it off manually but you can also program your Kensun tire inflator to automatically turn off when you have reached a desired pressure.

Reviewers have some mixed feelings about the preset pressure gauge.

The auto shut off feature is a blessing for many reviewers. Reviewers have managed to inflate a variety of objects safely with the air compressor turning off right on cue.

The digital preset delivers pressure within 1 psi, which is quite accurate. So, you can now start your air compressor pumping and then go have a short tea break without worrying about damaging any equipment.

The most annoying thing reviewers have found about the preset pressure gauge feature is that you have to press the little buttons repeatedly until you get to the pressure you want the air compressor to stop filling at.

Kensun AC/DC Tire Inflator Dimensions

Furthermore, if you turn the air compressor off and on again, it will default back to 35 psi so you?ll have to keep punching the buttons until you reach whatever pressure you want.

What We Don?t Like

And here are some things that we didn't like:

Short Hose

The hose only measures 60 cm, which is quite short. The cable is longer, measuring 1.8 meters for the AC cable and 3.3 meters for the DC cable.

Some reviewers have complained that they have had difficulties with working the Kensun tire inflator since the hose was too short to properly maneuver the inflator into position to pump up the tires.

Small Storage Compartment

Many reviewers have been frustrated with the small storage compartment on the underside of the Kensun tire inflator. Used to store the air hose and the 12V connector wire, it?s a very small space and gets very cramped.

Doesn?t Have Batteries

While the Kensun tire inflator has numerous uses, one thing it does not have is rechargeable batteries. This limits your use of the tire inflator to somewhere that has a power source.

So, if you?re out at the pools or the beach with your massive inflatable air mattress which suddenly starts to deflate, then you?re in a bit of trouble. You?ll need to carry your deflating mattress over to your car so that you can plug in your air compressor and get to work.

Buying Advice

At a price of $70, this is a decent buy for such flexibility and portability. While a power source is always required in order to use the Kensun tire inflator, this is not a deal breaker.

The minimal storage space, many flexible uses and auto turn off features make this air compressor easy to use for people who are not very confident (or too lazy) when it comes to inflating various objects.

Kensun AC/DC Tire Inflator


There may be other air compressors that are able to inflate to higher pressures but will not come with the same features for such a low price, so for someone looking for a simple emergency tire inflator as opposed to something more serious, the Kensun is the one for you.


Kensun have really thought hard about their customers when they designed this tire inflator. For easy use, anyplace and anytime, the Kensun tire inflator removes the hard work you would otherwise be required to put in.

All things considered, this is the best tire inflator to invest in if you want to save yourself the trouble of inflating objects with a standard air pump.

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