Goodyear Tire Inflator Review

Goodyear Tire Inflator Review

Sometimes, we need several tires pumped up one after the other. The Goodyear i8000 tire inflator might just be the solution in these cases.

Finally, there?s a tire inflator on the market with enough ?oomph? to take it through many inflation jobs. This makes the i8000 a perfect tool for people who tend to put a lot of wear on their tires and find them slightly flat often. And what if we told you the i8000 from Goodyear is not only powerful, it?s quiet too?

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In general, it?s such a wonderful tire inflator that it?s easy to find things to love about it, and hard to find things to dislike. But we did both.

What We Like 

Here are the things we most liked on this product:

Long Power Cord

Power cords have been an issue for tire inflator users for many years now. They get tangled easily, mean you have to be close to a power socket, and are just a general hassle.

Some tire inflation designs have decided to go completely without a cord, but the Goodyear brand has chosen to keep one on this design. We appreciate that they?ve had the foresight to make the power cord a whopping 6 feet long.

This means that you get the price-savings of a plugged in tire inflator without the inconvenience a short cable might have caused. Win win.

Lots Of Versatility

The favorite feature of many reviewers is the versatility the Goodyear i8000 tire inflator.

As an air compressor device, it is suitable for use on both small and large tires, including car and bicycle ones. Just use any of the various inflation adaptors provided to easily use it to charge everything from rafts and sporting equipment to van tires.


Most tire inflators are known for being rather noisy. Not so this one. The i8000 from Goodyear has special Whisper Soft technology built into it that makes it not only powerful, but quiet too.

Pumping Bicycle Tire

This means this tire inflator is able to be used in residential areas during night time hours ? an absolute bonus for people who spend long hours driving home from work and find it?s dark by the time they get home. Don?t annoy the neighbors, and still get your tires ready for tomorrow with the i8000.


Despite the quiet nature of this device, the Goodyear i8000 still has a maximum pressure of 150 PSI which should be more than enough for most tire types (excepting heavy industrial ones).

It?s charged by a 120 volt direct drive which makes for decent operation. You won?t be waiting too long for your tires to go rigid again with this device. That means it?s very convenient to use.

To put some numbers next to these claims: the Goodyear i8000 inflates from P185/R14 from 0-28 PSI in only 2 and a half minutes. Now that?s impressive.

User Friendly

Reviewers were pleased with the instructions that came along with this device, as well as its general foolproof design. The ?plug and use? device concept is still more widely understood than a cordless design and means the Goodyear is definitely a good choice for anyone from the older non-tech generation. Thumbs up Goodyear!

What We Don?t Like 

There are some things that we didn't like:


This tire inflator, especially when accompanied by its cables and cords, takes up a bit more space than smaller devices. This won?t be a problem for most users, as the main part is only 10.7 inches long, but for those looking for a tiny inflator, this isn?t it.

Pumping Car Tire

The size issue is only really an issue for cyclists or bikers who were hoping to keep something in their backpack though. For car and garage users the size is well worth it for the quiet and efficient pumping power this larger unit provides.

Valve Issues

Some reviewers have had problems with getting air through tire valves using this air compressor. One person mentioned that after screwing the inflator to the valve and turning it on air built up in the tube instead of the valve.

This rare problem is caused by the pin not being pressed in in the tire valve and can be fixed by buying an anti-air loss pressure connector.


Another feature which has gotten a reviewer in a huff is the durability of this product. After 4 years of use the ground pin of their device came out. Now, in our books 4 years is a decent amount of time for a tire inflator in this price category to last. But, if you?re looking to buy something that will last you the next 50 years, then you?d better look elsewhere.

We don?t really recommend it though ? as technology is moving so fast and tire inflators of tomorrow may be much better (and only 4 years away, not 50).

Buying Advice

The Goodyear i8000 is a great tire inflator if you?re more concerned with keeping things quiet around your pumping areas. With unique Whisper Soft technology, it?s blend of efficiency and lack of vibration makes it a great inflator for use at night time.

Some people may find it works a little slow for them, but if you have a bit of patience, then this is the inflator for you.

Goodyear Heavy Duty i8000


Coming in at around $60 it is reasonably priced for what it is. We recommend buying off Amazon or another place that offers free shipping though, as the unit can be quite heavy (read ?pricey to ship?).


The quietness of the Goodyear i8000 tire inflator and its ability to be used on a range of different tire sizes and pressures makes it an ideal addition to any garage in a suburban location.

If you want to have the convenience of a gas station tire inflation service right from your own home, then this is a great gadget to get. Always be sure to check what adaptors are getting sold with it, and happy inflating!

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