Engrepo Tire Inflator Review

Engrepo Tire Inflator Review

Engrepo is a trusted manufacturer of many different electronic devices. With lots of experience in this area, it?s no wonder that they decided to try their hand at a digital tire inflator, and boy did they succeed!

The Engrepo hand-held tire inflator is an elegant and rather small tire inflator which puts it in a class of its own in this ?heavy-duty? industry. The impressive technology behind this device allows you to pump up to 150 PSI anywhere.

Engrepo Tire Inflator Features

Engrepo?s device works with lithium ion technology as it?s charge base and is a fully electric air compressor tool. It is also easily re-chargeable like most electronic devices.

Combining cutting edge design, electronic battery technology and a decent amount of tire inflation power, the Engrepo hand-held tire inflator is a unique and worthwhile little device.

We think you?ll be quite impressed with what it has to offer too, so let?s cover that.

What We Like 

We compiled few things that we especially liked on this product:


The most important thing about any tire inflator is that it should be able to be kept on hand and used easily when required. Engrepo have definitely met those requirements in this device.

A lithium ion battery in the tire inflator allows you to pump up your tires without requiring any annoying power cables or cords. How convenient!

Even when the battery is low, you can easily recharge this device using the cigarette lighter socket of your vehicle. It comes with a handy AC DC Adaptor and cigar lighter for this exact purpose.

Engrepo Tire Inflator User Guide

Taking only 1.5 hours to fully recharge the battery, you?ll be hard pressed to find any tire inflator that charges in less time or is so easy to plug in and charge while you?re road tripping.

Easy To Use

Who doesn?t love a carefully thought out electronic device that is actually EASY to use? Reviewers are happy with the simple design of this device and appreciate that almost anyone is able to use it. Professional tire inflators can be quite confusing so it?s lovely to see an easy-to-use one on the market for personal and recreational users.

Like most tire inflator, the Engrepo hand-held tire inflator comes with an auto-off feature that protects whichever tires you are pumping. You simply set the desired pressure before starting, and then let the pump take care of the rest. It?s that easy!

In addition to the auto-off feature there are also easy to read indicators on the front of the device for anyone who might be nervous about using one. The two LED lights and the LCD digital display screen (with a backlight) make pumping tires a breeze, even during darker hours.

If you?re still doubtful of your ability to use this little electronic device, never worry, it comes with a user manual as well.

Design Thrills

When you need a tire inflator anything will do, but during the rest of the year you?d like your tire inflator to look good in whatever spot it?s located. This gorgeous tubular black and white design is clean and modern ? marking you as someone with a bit of taste.


Now, tire inflators are generally designed to be around the right size to keep in a car (as that?s what consumers want) but the Engrepo hand-held tire inflator goes way beyond this.

Even with its charging ability of up to 150 PSI, this little device is only just over 7.8 inches long and 2.1 inches wide. Talk about tiny!

Engrepo Tire Inflator Dimensions

This makes Engrepo?s tire inflator perfect for keeping in your backpack when cycling, storing in camping tent bags or even placing in the front glovebox of your car. No doubt you?ll be happy to have it easily on hand if you come rolling to a stop on the side of the road.

What We Don?t Like

With all the praises reviewers are giving the Engrepo Hand-held tire inflator, it?s a wonder that there are reviewers who have managed to find some things that they don?t like about it. There are a couple of them though, and we?ll cover the important points below.

Power Deficiency

The Engrepo hand-held tire inflator runs off a small lithium ion battery which limits the amount of power it is able to produce. So, if you?re after a powerful tire inflator that can handle car, tractor or large vehicle tires, this is not the tire inflator for you.

If, however, you?re after a tire inflator for either you motorbike tires or bicycle tires then you could not have stumbled across a better device. It?s portable, easy to use, and packs a decent punch for THIS CATEGORY at 150 PSI.

Specifically, the manufacturers are marking this device as not suitable for more than 195/65R15 tires. We?d recommend that you get two different types of tire inflator if you?re after both a bicycle and car tire inflator. This one would be great for bike trips, and some of our other recommended tire inflators would be better for car trips.

Failing Devices

Another issue some reviewers have come across is that some of the devices sent out can fail quite quickly. Fortunately, these reviewers have been met with fantastic customer service teams and have been sent out new devices which functioned perfectly at no cost.

Buying Advice

The standard tire inflator costs around $60 so getting this ??Engrepo hand-held?? version for around $50 is pretty good. We certainly think it?s a good value for money buying decision.

Engrepo Tire Inflator

Source: ebay.com

Easy to recharge and coming with a money back guarantee (if you buy it from Amazon) this would make a great addition to your road tripping kit.


Bikers and cyclists wanted convenience and ease of use and Engrepo has delivered this all in their hand-held tire inflator device. It?ll be difficult to find a better tire inflator (or a more fancy one) in this price category.

Hopefully you now feel that you understand this little device a bit better. We wish you all the best with your shopping and trips.

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