Campbell Hausfeld Tire Inflator Review

Campbell Hausfeld Tire Inflator Review

The best value for money tire inflators on the market can be hard to identify, but doing so is important if you want to get an air compressor tool that will last and not cost you a fortune at the same time.

You?ll be pleased to know that the Campbell Hausfeld CC2300 tire inflator is one of the best devices available at the moment, and that it generally costs under $60!

Campbell Hausfeld Tire Inflator Power Gauge

Users of the CC2300 tire inflator really appreciate the versatility of this tire inflator as it can be used for anything from bicycle tires through to car tires and more. And despite being quite small, it pacts a decent amount of power in.

This air compressor device will keep your ?insert mode of transport here? going without any fuss while you?re out doing long road trips. You?ll probably end up questioning why you ever travelled to a gas station instead of carrying your own tire inflator.

What We Like 

This are the things we like on this product:


Tire inflators are great. So are bicycles, air mattresses, exercise balls and car tires. For those of us who don?t know, finding an air compressor that can successfully inflate all of the items mentioned is quite rare, and that?s why we love this one!

The whole device has been designed to make its use as versatile as possible. There are two inflator nozzles included-one of which has a sports ball needle. This means you only need to buy one air compressor to use as your tire inflator and bouncy ball inflator. Handy!


Most air compressors come with the assumption that their users will have a certain level of ?know-how?. This tire compressor, with its super simple functionality, allows users of any level to operate it without any trouble.

Campbell Hausfeld Tire Inflator Hose

The buttons are clearly labeled in white on a black background on the front of the air compressor. They are self-explanatory, though if you do get stuck there will always be YouTube How to Video?s around to help you out.

Charging Power

For the power loving people out there, the fact that this device can operate or charge a lot of 12-volt devices will be a bit of a bonus. Especially on road-trips, it?s nice to know that you have a way to keep your essential electronics running.

The benefits of choosing an air compressor that doubles as a power-supply are pretty easy to identify ? these are both items you?d take with you when travelling, and when travelling the less stuff you can take with the better. That?s why we love that this is a two in one device.


Now, the Campbell Hausfeld tire inflator may have a lot of features, but it hasn?t sacrificed portability in terms of size to achieve these.

The high quality little box can fit in either your garage, trunk or even glove compartment with ease. We recommend leaving it in your car permanently if you go to purchase this air compressor for the main purpose of a tire inflator.

That way you can travel around relaxed, knowing that inflation is not going to cause any road bumps for you!

Trusted Brand

Buyers who have had trouble with air compressors in the past need not worry about purchasing this one. Campbell Hausfeld has a longstanding history (and plenty of experience in) making consumer and industrial grade air compression products.

Campbell Hausfeld Tire Inflator Panel

The CC2300 tire inflator has been made to be fast and efficient, reaching a maximum PSI of 230. It?s probably not commercial grade gear, but it?s fantastic for personal or recreational use.

What We Don?t Like 

In all those thing we like on Campbell Hausfeld Tire Inflator, there are some minor issues:

Charge Abnormalities

Despite how awesome the CC2300 tire inflator sounds, some reviewers have had problems with this device. The main issue seems to be that some people expected it to hold more charge than it does.

Due to the non-commercial grade nature of this product, we would not recommend it for overly large tires like those used for tractors etc.

Plain Appearance

Reviewers are overall not disappointed with the CC2300 tire inflator from Campbell Hausfeld, which has left us clutching for straws when trying to find a negative for this device. As such, we?ve decided that the plain casing could be considered a little boring for some people?s tastes. Not to mention that it?s easier to lose something that?s black than if it were a bright Fluro color.

Buying Advice

At under $60 for one, the Campbell Hausfeld CC2300 tire inflator offers a good deal for anyone in the market for a versatile air compressor tool. While its primary purpose may be tire inflation, it would work well as an air mattress inflator or sports equipment inflator. The added bonus of the built-in power supply seals the deal for us.

The buying process should be fairly easy provided that you buy from a trusted retailed (and possibly one that gives free shipping as this device is slightly heavy). We recommend Amazon, especially if you?re living in the United States.

Campbell Hausfeld Tire Inflator


Overall, this device is a great find for its price range and buying more than one to keep in different locations (e.g. your car, holiday house, tenting bag and garage) might not be a bad idea for those who can afford to fork out a little extra.


The Campbell Hausfeld CC2300 tire inflator is a great choice for an air compressor for anyone looking for an all-purpose general air compression device. Pumping your favorite mattress might not be quite so tiring next time you go camping! (Excuse the pun.)

The device box has a good user-friendly design that ensures it will be easy to use for even the most novice of tire inflators.

If you?re on a bit of a budget when it comes to your tire inflator choice, then this device offers great value for money and comes highly recommended from us. All the best with your purchase and your travels!

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